Restore Manager


Restore Manager Overview

Restore Manager is the perfect solution for backup and restoring of your cPanel accounts

The main idea behind the Restore Manager plugin is to simplify the process of backup restoration by allowing hosting clients to restore individual items from Local OR Remote backup independently directly from cPanel interface only in few clicks. Also, it will eliminates the need to restore the entire account for just few items that need to be restored and significantly reduces the support calls related to data restoration.

How it works?

There are two different ways which you can work with Restore Manager:

1) If you using the cPanel Backup System then Restore Manager will not create a backup for you and will use the backups created by cPanel and allow your users to browse and restore a single item or more, from existing backups.

2) If you do not want to keep local backups, You can set up a Remote Backup Server and Restore Manager will allow your users to browse and restore a single item or more, Directly from the remote backup server.

What's New in Restore Manager 4

A new improved core and backup browser that will help your cPanel users quickly restore from "Remote Or Local Backups" in the easiest possible way. In cPanel side we add the options to restore Mail Forwarders and Domain Aliases. Within the Restore Files feature we add the option called "Trash" which allows to keep a copy of the existing file as a possibility to go back. New smart remote backup that keep your backup copies based on changes only to save disk space on the remote backup server which also includes the option to add extra folders to the remote backup.

Performance & Security

All of the plugin actions have been optimized to consume as minimum resources as possible. The plugin is based on cPanel Live PHP under cpphp engine so there is no need to make any changes or installations of PHP or other PHP extensions. We have invested much thought into the security of the plugin so that users could never access another user's backup files. The plugin PHP files will work only after authenticated connection to cPanel or WHM.

WHM Remote Backup & Restore (* Smart Remote Backup mod!)

The smart remote backup mode will save the backups of your cPanel accounts on a remote server only! and your cPanel users can quickly restore any individual items directly from the remote backup in the easiest possible way You can also restore full cPanel accounts from your remote backup server in the WHM interface. The smart remote backup keeps your backup copies in form of snapshots so it is not wasted your disk space on duplication of backup copies.

WHM Remote Backup & Restore (* Local backup mode!)

Save a copy of your cPanel backups on a remote server and retrieve it to your backup folder with simple to use interface.
You can also restore full cPanel accounts from your remote backup server in the WHM interface. This feature has been created since the incremental backup type does not support additional destinations, but it will support the compressed & uncompressed backup types.

Backup Exclude & Include Configuration

Include extra folders to the remote backup OR Exclude files from backup that are performed by the cPanel backup system.
Some files and directories do not need to be backed up so now you can control global excludes from the WHM interface and your cPanel users can manage the files they want to exclude from backup with easy to use interface.

The little things that make this plugin even better

✔ Support for the new cPanel backup system
✔ Support all backup methods
✔ Support all scheduling and retentions
✔ One click incremental updates
✔ Multi-language support
And many more...